Write a speech acquainting your class about the environment crisis that is worsening around the world.

The environment crisis

Dear Friends,

In the past our environment was the way God intended it to be. It was green and clean and pristine and fresh. Our forests were thick with trees. Birds, animals and insects co-existed there in millions.

But take a look at the environment today. We have constructed concrete jungles. Now you will see tall skyscrapers hiding the natural scenery, if there is any scenery left to see at all! Almost 11 billion trees are being  cut down every year. Roads and parks are littered with different kinds of waste. Plastic has become the order of the day. There is hardly any sphere of our lives where we do not use plastic. And then throw them away as waste to pollute the environment! Vehicles and industries have made the air we breathe unclean. Toxic levels in the atmosphere have risen alarmingly.

The amount of pollution that we, human beings, are contributing to the environment is only on the rise. What kind of a future can we look forward to? A life of impure air, a host of lungs diseases, epidemics and unheard of ailments? And no trees or creatures of nature to behold? No mountains? No rivers? Only desert wastelands that we ourselves have created?

What can we as students do? We have to take urgent steps to make people aware of how dangerous the environment crisis is. We have to come up with ways to save our planet Earth. We have to do everything in our power to conserve our forests, to conserve the landscape, to manage waste effectively, to keep our earth as natural as Mother Nature intended it to be!

For a better environment and to save our planet, let us all work as one!