On the occasion of ‘teacher’s Day’ you are asked to speak about ‘the Teacher/ guru in your life’.

Write a speech highlighting the qualities of the teacher who has inspired you the most:

The teacher/ Guru In MY life

Respected Headmaster, beloved teachers and my dear friends,
The teacher or the ‘Guru’ that I am going to speak about today, is none other than Mr  Rao, our Mathematics teacher. All of you here will agree that mathematics is not an easy subject at all. I remember how terrified I was of the subject. In fact, I lived in mortal fear of mathematics till I reached Std .VIII. when I read a question, my mind would turn blank . And then in std. VIII, Rao sri came into my life and lo and behold! Mathematics suddenly become easy to understand. Rao sri understood my fear of the subject instantly, and like a father, he guide me through the various chapters, giving me special attention wherever necessary. Sri had special quality- he immediately understood our difficulties without our even having to express them. He made mathematics a ‘fun’ subject not only for me but for everyone in the class. We began waiting eagerly for mathematics periods, somethings that had never happened before.

He made us feel that everyone could be good at the subject. His motivation and style of teaching inspired us to do homework regularly, to take extra interest in the subject and to achieve the highest marks in the subject.

Today, I have to say, in front of all of you, ‘Thank you , Rao sir, we shall never forget you as long as we live. You have been really and truly, the greatest  ‘guru’  in our lives’.

Thank you.  

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