You are a student of std. X. the school has organized a farewell function in honour of all the students of std. X.

You are a student of std. X. the school has organized a farewell function in honour  of all the students of std. X. Imagine you are requested to deliver a farewell speech to your classmate on the occasion. Write the speech.

Farwell to the classmates of std. X

Honorable Chief Guest, Respected Headmaster and Teachers, and My Dear friends,

Today is a ‘happy-sad’ day for all of us. Happy because we will be setting forth from here and taking up the challenge of establishing ourselves in the vast world. But it is also a sad day for all of us, because we will be leaving  the school and many never meet again.

I shall miss you, your cheerfulness, your mischief, your dedication, your devotion to studies, your advice and your friendship. I shall miss seeing your faces, so bright with an eagerness to prove your worth, so friendly and helpful and ever ready to come to my assistance whenever I need it.

It is my wish that we face the first great challenge in our lives, the challenge of the SSC examination, with great success.

It is also my wish that we bring great honour to our school, not only by doing excellently in the forthcoming SSC examination, but also by going out into the world and becoming model citizens. Citizens who cherish the ideals of democracy, freedom, justice and brotherhood that we learnt and practiced here at school.

I am quite hopeful that we will do our alma mater proud. I wish you success in all your ventures. And may the memory of this school that nurtured our minds always be with us for as long as we live.

Thank you.