Prepare a speech to be delivered to the students of Std. IX advising them how to study for Std. X.

Advice to Students of Std. IX

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Headmaster and Teachers, and My Dear, Dear Friends of Std. IX.

It is the end of the academic year and soon you will be stepping into Std. X. You must already be jittery about facing the SSC examinations. My advice to you is to be relaxed. Be calm. The SSC is not an ogre to be afraid of. It is just a task that you have to complete to the best of your ability. Start studying from day one. Let no day go without doing your homework. Whatever  you have learnt in school each day, devote one hour revising and understanding it. Do not depend on tuitions or coaching classes. By December your entire syllabus will have been completed. Then start solving papers. Time yourself. Solve the papers in such a way that you still have five to ten minutes left for checking your answer. If ever you have any doubts about any subjects-especially in Maths or Science-consult your teachers. Don’t let doubts remain. I am not telling you to give up play or games entirely. You need at least one hour’s vigorous ply in order to relax your mind and limbs. One month before the SSC examination ,prepare a revision schedule. Follow it strictly, During this month you can cut down on your play.

Don’t worry, the SSC is not as difficult as you think. Aim high. You will definitely achieve success.

Thank you for lending me a patient ear, God bless you and wish you all the best.

Thank you.