3. (B) Write a brief summary of the above extract with the help of the points given below and suggest a suitable title. (4 marks)

Ans. Floods: A deadly natural calamity.

The above extract is about the occurring of floods in India. Floods are the most occurring natural calamity in India which bring about destruction of life and property. In India, Heavy rains and floods account for nearly 1, 700 lives lost annually and also wipe out nearly 96,000 livestock. On an average, 7.21 million hectares (roughly 72,000 sq. km.) go under floodwater. This water typically ravages 3.78 million hectare of agricultural land, damaging crops worth Rs. 1, 118 crore annually. It is not possible to provide absolute protection instantly to all flood - prone areas because such an attempt will neither be practical not economically viable.


Q. 4. A. Read the following extract and answer the questions given below: (4 marks)

1. What should be your reaction towards gossips and lies?

Ans. We should not give in to gossips and lies. We should not even pay attention to them. Clearly speaking we should not bother about them.

2. Who are your role models? Why?

Ans. My role model is my parents. Who are very simple and humble in their character. They do not seek praise while in achievements and do not expect sympathy while losing. They are ready to face any challenge which comes across in their life.

3. Give the rhyming pairs of words from the first stanza.  

Ans. eyes - lies
Others - brothers

4. Which line is repeated in this extract and what is its effect?

Ans. “You may be the person I am looking for” - This line gives importance of that person to whom the poet is looking for.