Globalisation And Social Change Class 12th Social Change And Development In India CBSE Solution

Class 12th Social Change And Development In India CBSE Solution

Question 1.

Choose any topic that is of interest to you and discuss how you think globalisation has affected it. You could choose cinema, work, marriage or any other topic.


Globalisation was introduced in India in 1991 and it has affected not only the economic and political but also the social and cultural life of India. Globalisation has had very profound impact on Indian culture. Here we will discuss the effect of globalisation on marriages in India.

1) Indian marriages are well known for their vibrant, rich and superior looks.

2) Indian wedding ceremonies have always been serious and ritual affairs and all the religions in India consider marriage has a ritual knot.

3) But this section is also affected by globalisation.

4) The patience and tolerance level are weakening and marriages are breaking.

5) The functions which were performed with family participation are now in hands of event managers.

6) The love, emotions, values, tradition and celebrations of marriage is being replaced by western celebration.

7) Now divorce is getting very common in Indian society.

Question 2.

What are the distinctive features of a globalised economy? Discuss.


The distinctive features of globalised economy are –

1) Globalisation extends the social and economic relationship throughout the world.

2) Globalisation has given us electronic economy where banks, corporations, fund managers and individual investors can shift funds internationally with a single click of mouse.

3) The global economy is no longer primary agricultural or industrial but it is knowledge economy based majorly on software industries, media and entertainment products and internet based services.

4) There has been a revolutionary change in global communication due to advancement in technology and world Telecommunication infrastructure.

5) New international division of labour has emerged in which more and more routine manufacturing, production and employment is done in third world cities.

Question 3.

Briefly discuss the impact of globalisation on culture?


Globalisation has affected culture in many ways some of them are being discussed below –

1) Globalisation mixes the global culture with the local culture. Such as Pizza Hut offering paneer Pizzas, McDonalds offering veg burgers, etc.

2) Globalisation can be taken as a bogey to defend unjust practices against women.

3) Globalisation is playing an important role in shaping the growth of cities by introducing multiplex cinemas, amusement parks, etc.

4) Dynamic corporate culture is quite evident in various companies in India. This corporate culture is increasing productivity and competitiveness through creating the unique organisational culture among the members of a firm.

Question 4.

What is globalisation? Is it simply a market strategy adopted by multinational companies or is genuine cultural synthesis taking place? Discuss.



•Globalisation may be defined as the free movement of goods, services and people across the world.

•It is the process of growing and expanding to exist throughout the entire world.

Is it simply a market strategy adopted by multinational companies or is genuine cultural synthesis taking place –

1) Since 1st April 2001 the quantitative restrictions on imports have been drawn and now we can easily find a Chinese pear or an Australian apple with local fruit seller.

2) The eating habits and local drinks have been replaced with fast food and aerated beverages.

3) The change in policies due to the agreement with WTO has affected consumers and producers differently.

4) Among the various factors driving globalisation the role of transnational corporations is particularly important.