Write Short Notes on the following: Importance of Directing.

Write Short Notes on the following:

Importance of Directing.


The importance of directing can be explained through the following points:

i. Helps in achieving objectives - Directing initiates the actual action in an organisation. An individual cannot start working without proper instructions or directions. In addition, directing in the form of supervision and motivation helps the employees to achieve their targets more efficiently.

ii. Helps in integrating efforts - Every organisation has employees, with different jobs or work assigned to them at various levels. It is only through directing that their individual efforts are integrated and channelized towards the attainment of the common organisational goals.

iii. Encourages employee development - Proper directing guides the employees in the right direction. Elements of directing such as motivation and leadership encourage the employees to work to the best of their capabilities.

iv. Ensures stability - Stability is crucial for the long-term survival of any business. As every individual have different behavioural patterns and attitudes, at times, this may result in a clash or conflict between individual and organisational goals. Thus, proper directing helps in maintaining stability and avoiding such conflicts.

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