Write Short Notes on the following: Nature of organising.

Write Short Notes on the following:

Nature of organising.


Characteristics of organising:

i. Organising as a process - Organising is a process that involves the following steps:
a. Identifying the work and dividing it according to the set plan
b. Grouping the tasks of similar nature and creating departments for the same
c. Assigning authorities to the personnel
d. Designating the reporting relations

ii. Coordination - Through a clear division of activities among various departments, organising promotes coordination, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the organisation.

iii. Authority and responsibility - Under the organising function, a superior can transfer his/her authority and responsibility to any of the subordinates. This lessens the superior's burden.

iv. Division of work - Organising is identifying activities and dividing them according to the defined plans. The actions are divided as per the objectives. A clear division of work is done to avoid any duplicity.

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