CBSE Board Exam 2021: Top 8 tips to make your answer sheet presentable in exams

This article will let you know about the important tips that can help you make your answer paper look more presentable in board exams. Knowing these tips will help you organise your paper in the best way that may add some spark to your answers and impress the examiner.

CBSE Board Exam 2021: Top 8 tips to make your answer sheet presentable in exams
CBSE Board Exam 2021: Top 8 tips to make your answer sheet presentable in exams

Q. What can I do to make my answer sheet look presentable in my board exams? 

Ans. Along with writing the right and appropriate answers, presentation also matters a lot in any board exam, be it CBSE or UP board exam. Actually, scoring marks is all about the presentation. Your answers should be so visually appealing to the examiner so that he/she need not to put any extra efforts to go through your answer script. Leave 2-3 lines after attempting each answer so as to make two different answers look distinct and clearly differentiated from each other.

Some important tips and suggestions are given below which every student should follow to make his/her answer copy nicely presentable to extract good marks:

Underline each heading or subheading included in the answer.

Draw a two inch border on the right side of the page of your answer sheet where you can do your rough work. Otherwise, doing the rough work anywhere else in the sheet will make it look untidy. 

Increase the pictographic content wherever possible by including as many diagrams, tables, charts, etc., as possible. It will help to make your knowledge more noticeable and visible than writing it in the form of long paragraphs.

Try to write most of the answers in points or bullets with properly highlighted headers and subheaders. Make the important points highlighted/underlined.

Write the answers in a legible writing and try to maintain the same throughout the paper so as to make your work look uniform and appealing.

Whenever you need to cut a word or an answer, just make one dash line with your pen over that particular text/word. Avoid scribbling or scratching as it will make your answer sheet look messy and unclean.

Write the question numbers properly. It should be clearly visible. 

Write each answer with properly spaced words which are  neither too close nor too far.

Students should remember to follow these simple instructions while writing their exam to avoid any loss of marks due to inappropriate presentation of answers.