5 Secret Techniques to Score High in Science Board Exam

5 Secret Techniques to Score High in Science Board Exam

CBSE board examination for class 10 Science is to be held on 16th March 2018. Science and Mathematics are considered the most important subjects as chances to score full in these subjects are high. On the other hand, many students fail to score high in these exams as they take these subjects as harder one. But, we assure you that with a little planning and strategic efforts any students can pass this hurdle and come up with flying colours. Here we are giving you last day tips for class 10th Science Exam. These tips will help you SCORE MORE in CBSE Science exam.

1 Solve Previous Years Papers -

By this time almost all students have gone through their syllabus completely. Even the first phase of revision would have been finished also. What next? Last day is the time to stress upon the revision of some important topics - topics which carry more weightage. Our expert’s team suggests that you should give stress on the following topics. 

• In Biology: Heredity and Evolution, Life Processes, Control and Coordination  

• In Chemistry: Carbon and its compounds

• In Physics: Electricity, Light Reflection and Refraction

Previous papers analysis throws light on the fact that ~25% questions in Board exams are usually repeated from previous exams. Hence, the best way for students to prepare and revise for board exams is to solve previous years` question papers. This way students will get a better understanding of the question pattern which can further help to do effective revision.

Estimated Marks
Chemical Reaction And Equations
Acids, Bases And Salts
Metals and Non-Metals
Carbon and Its Compounds
Classification Of Elements
Life Processes
Control and Coordination
How Do Organism Reproduce
Heredity and Evolution
Light Reflection and Refraction
The Human Eye and The Colourful World
Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current
Sources of Energy
Our Environment
Management Of Natural Resources

A very good analysis of previous 10 years papers with topic wise and chapter wise division is available in MTG’s CBSE Champion Chapterwise-Topicwise –Science for Class 10. Though the time is too less, you can easily get the book in Kindle edition on an instant basis and take the benefit of MTG expertise.

2 Prioritize in First 15 Minutes -

The first 15 minutes are allotted for reading the question paper. Read the instructions carefully and then quickly go through the questions one-by-one. Tick the questions which are easy to solve. Students should set their priorities for solving the paper, starting from easier questions. Proper time management is an essential key to attempting a board exam completely within the given time frame, so students should divide the time judiciously. Students should also keep some time for revision after they have solved the question paper. 

3 Never Forget Marking Scheme -

It is generally seen while writing the answers, students pour out whatever they know. This not only puts a negative impression on the examiner, also takes away some of your precious time which you may use to answer more questions. This habit sometimes results in insufficient time to complete the paper. 
The examiner assigns marks for certain definite points, key terms, formulae and steps given in answers. So, it is advised that students should present their answers under word limit, must follow a hierarchy of relevance, from the most important to the least. 

4 Scoring Marks is All About Presentation -

Along with writing the correct and appropriate answers, the presentation also matters a lot. That actually prompts the examiner to read the answer and evaluate properly. 

7 tips and suggestions to make your answer paper presentable:

1. Draw a 3cm border on both sides of the page of your answer sheet. On the left side, you will write the serial number of the question clearly and on the right side, you can do your rough work. This will allow you to do rough work on the same writing space without making your answer sheet looking confusing.

2. Write the question numbers properly. It should be clearly visible. 

3. Write the answers in a legible writing with properly spaced words which are neither too close nor too far away.

4. Try to write most of the answers in points or bullets with properly highlighted headers and subheaders. Make the important points, keywords, steps, etc. highlighted/underlined.

5. Try to support your answers with as many diagrams, tables, charts, etc., as possible (but only for 3-5 marks questions). It increases the visual appeal of the answer as compared to text presentation.

6. Give a proper spacing between two consecutive answers.

7. Avoid scribbling or overwriting as it will make your answer sheet look messy. Strike off only once if you want to cut any information/word in your answer.

5 Try Attempting All Questions -

Since there is no negative marking, try attempting all questions. Always write the formula in any numerical based question. Put all steps while answering the question. If the answer value is wrong but the other calculation and formula is right you will get some marks.

Try to answer in sequence but do not waste time on any question you are stuck at. Students can come back to such questions later as soon as they finish with the rest of the paper.

All the Best! 

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