Write short notes on Chapter 1: Historiography - Development in the West. 4. Colonial historiography

Write short notes on 

Chapter 2: Historiography - Indian Tradition.

4. Colonial historiography

Ans. I. British officers and Christian missionaries were the early scholars who studied and wrote Indian history. 

Ii. However, their approach was prejudiced, which is apparent from their writings which ridiculed the Indian Culture. 

Iii. The colonial rule of the British was justified through their writings. 

Iv. Examples of colonial historiography include the following. 

A. The five volumes of Cambridge History of India, published during 1922 - 1937 C.E. 

B. The three volumes of ‘A History of Mahrattas’  written by the British officer Grant Duff. 

C. Colonel Todd’s writings about Rajasthan’s history.

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