Write short notes on Chapter 1: Historiography - Development in the West. 8. Feminist History.

Write short notes on 

Chapter 2: Historiography - Indian Tradition.

8. Feminist History. 

Ans. I. Feminist History involved writing about the role and achievements of women in hisoty by studying and compiling the historical wrigings of women. Earlier this was neglected as male scholars were involved in the writing of Indian History. 

Ii. Tarabai Shinde was the foremost among the women authors who wrote about women in the 19th Century and the caste system in her book, Stri - Purush Tulana, published in 1882 which is considered as the first feminist book in India. The book titled ‘The High Caste Hindu Woman’, written by Pandita Ramabai was publised in 1888. 

Iii. In the post - independence era, issues like employment of women, treatment meted out to them at their work place, their right to political equality, etc. was reflected through feminist literature. 

Iv. The recently published feminist literatur contains: 

A. Meera Kosambi’s book, ‘Crossing Thresholds: Feminist Essays in Social History’ Which contains essays on the life stories of women like Pandita Ramabai and Dr. Rukhmabai (the first practicing lady doctory of India) 

B. Literature unforlding the viewpoint of Dalit women in Maharashtra. 
For e.g. Dr. Sharmila Rege’s book, ‘Wriging Caste, Wrting Gender, Reading Dalit Women’s Testimonies’ which includes her essays on the autobiographies of Dalit women.

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