Write short answer for the following. State the principles of scientific management.

Write short answer for the following.

State the principles of scientific management.


The following are the principles of scientific management:

i. Science, not a rule of thumb - Taylor initiated that use of scientific methods rather than the rule of thumb. According to him, scientific methods should be used so that the managers take decisions on the basis of logic and science rather than on the basis of trial-and-error methods.

ii. Cooperation between management and employees - Taylor emphasised managers and workers should maintain a harmonious work environment. They should realise their interdependence and work in amity.

iii. Division of responsibility - This principle emphasised that the work and the responsibility should be divided between the managers and the employees according to their role and nature. This would ensure efficiency and effectiveness in work.

iv. Scientific selection, training and development of workers - Taylor suggested that selection of employees is an important task for a manager. According to him, the selection procedure should be perfect and various points should be considered such as defining the requirements clearly and motivating employees to improve his/her efficiency.

v. Mental revolution - Mental revolution implies changing the attitude of workers and managers to make them realize the importance of each other. It aims at improving the thinking of both the parties to create a better working environment.

vi. Maximum prosperity for employer and employees - The main purpose of scientific management is to maximise prosperity for employers and employees. This can be done by giving ample opportunities to workers to attain highest efficiency and utilizing the resources optimally.

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