Define organizing. And explain its importance as management function.

Define organizing. And explain its importance as management function.


Organising is a procedure of aligning various activities of an organisation in a specified order. It involves steps like designing roles to the personnel so that their efforts, along with the resources, can be coordinated for the accomplishment of organisational goals.

The importance of organising can be explained through the following points:

i. Clear definition of working relationships - Because of the function of organising, the hierarchical structure of any organisation is clearly established; this helps in avoiding any ambiguity in the transfer of instructions within the organisation.

ii. Optimum utilisation of resources - By ensuring that various activities of the organisation are properly aligned, overlapping of work is avoided. This, in turn, ensures that the resources are efficiently utilised and minimum wastage of efforts is done.

iii. Improved specialisation - Under organising, activities of similar nature are grouped together and tasks are assigned to various individuals as per their skills and capabilities. This allows the organisation to focus on specialisation of work.

iv. Easy accommodation of change - By properly organising the activities under different departments and groups, the organisation can easily adapt to the changes in its business environment. In this way, organising brings stability in the organisation.

v. Efficient development of employees - The processes of delegation and decentralisation help in the development of both managers and employees. Organising also allows the managers to focus on high-priority areas and provides them the opportunity to explore new areas. Further, it provides a chance to the subordinates to prove their abilities and gain experience.

vi. Increased growth and expansion - Organising can help an enterprise to expand its business operations and deviate from the traditional norms in a smooth and better manner.

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