Write Short Notes on the following: Role of transport

Write Short Notes on the following:
 Role of transport


Transport plays a major role in our lives. It facilitates the movement of goods, raw materials and labour from one place to another. Some important functions of transport are as follows:

i. Aids in the production process - Transport helps traders or manufactures to procure raw materials from far-off places and from places where they are available at the cheapest rate. Hence, it helps in procuring raw materials for production.
ii. Helps in the expansion of markets - Through transportation, sellers or traders can sell their goods in the markets that are far-off. Thus, it aids in the expansion of markets as well.
iii. Stabilises prices - Transportation helps in making the goods available whenever and wherever they are in demand. Thus, it helps in maintaining price stability.
iv. Creates employment - Transportation creates direct employment. It employs drivers, mechanics, helpers, etc., in the process.