Write short answer of the following. State the types of Cooperative societies.

The following are the types of co-operative societies:
i. Consumer co-operative societies: These are formed to provide consumer goods at reasonable prices to their members.
ii. Producer co-operative societies: The objective of producer co-operative societies is to procure raw materials and other inputs at low costs and supply them to small producers.
iii. Marketing co-operative societies: These societies pool the outputs of the members and are responsible for certain marketing functions for them such as transportation, labelling, packaging and warehousing.
iv. Farmers’ co-operative societies: Such societies are formed by small farmers who pool their resources to reap the benefits associated with large-scale operations. These societies ensure the availability of better and advanced inputs at low rates to farmers.
v. Credit co-operative societies: These societies ensure the availability of funds to its members at comparatively low interest rates on reasonable terms.
vi. Co-operative housing societies: The aim of co-operative housing societies is to provide accommodation to their members by constructing houses for them.