A1. True or False.
1. False
2. True
3. True
4. True

A2. Order:
1. (i) The writer’s friend wanted him to buy a tie.
2. (ii) On the very first day the writer had no time to buy a tie.
3. (iii) The writer walked down on Sunday and saw shops with variety of ties.
4. (iv) The writer left the place on Tuesday morning.

i. strolling - to walk without hurrying
ii. anxious- wanting something very much
iii. prohibited- to stop something
iv. frantic- done in a very urgent way

A4. Language study
i. The right shop was located by me.
ii. None of the shops were open.

A 5.Personal Response:
One day, as I was eating watermelon and I accidently swallowed the seeds. My sister told me that now its tree will grow inside my stomach. I cried really very hard and was frightened even when my parents told me nothing like that would happen. It was only after they gave me a fake medicine, I stopped crying. After that I never ate watermelon until I was 9 years old, fearing that it might happen again.

B.1 Complete:
I. I was able to read Shakespeare by the time I was ten.
II. It was Mr. A.N. Patil my Marathi and Hindi teacher who made a huge impression on me.
III. Every lesson that Mr. Patil took was spiced with half a dozen or more anecdotes from a wide variety of subjects.
IV. One of the greatest gifts any teacher can give a student is to inculcate a curiosity to learn.

Teachers are the ones who influence every student. They are like beacons of light, who guide students in the formative years of their life. Teachers mould students like a potter mould his clay carefully, and in the process shape their future. What students learn from their teachers, sticks with them forever.

Q.2.A: Chart
i. Do the exercise
ii. Have a brisk half-hour walk at least thrice a week
iii. Vary the types of exercise
iv. Do not overdo the exercise

A5. My opinion:
Exercising makes the produce endorphins, which are chemicals that can help us feel more peaceful and happy. Exercise can improve a person’s sleep cycle. It can also help people suffering from mild depression and low self-esteem. Exercise gives a real sense of accomplishment and pride at having achieved a certain goal — like beating an old time in the 100-meter dash. Exercising to maintain a healthy weight decreases a person's risk of developing certain diseases, including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases, which used to be found mostly in adults, are becoming more common in teens. So, exercise helps people overcome these.

i. The luxury cars have largely gone missing from its roads,
ii. A few luxury car owner have switched to their other not so premium cars.
iii. The car owners get the standard warranty of a company.
iv. Many owners regretted their decision to buy the premium car due to the pitiable
condition of road.
B2. Give reasons:
i. The luxury car owners have parked their vehicles in a garage because the owners cannot take the risk them on the city of potholes.
ii. The luxury car owners regret for their decision of buying luxury cars because of the pitiable condition of the roads.
iii. Many luxury car owners have sold out their cars because they cannot take their fleet for their daily commute or simply a spin around the town.
iv. The car owners take longer routes because the company covers most of its car’s maintenance but parts like tyres are not covered.

B3. Word Register:
1. Garage
2. Fuel
3. Capacity
4. Mileage
5. Torque
6. Engine
7. Gearbox
8. Suspension
9. Alloy wheel
10. Cylinders

B4: Language study:
Many owners said, “We regret our decision to buy the premium buys.”

B5: Personal Response:
Roads in India are a popular means of both passenger and goods movement. Travel by road provides a lot of flexibility, convenience, speed and reliability, particularly at short distances in cities and towns. Therefore, it is the most preferred medium of transport. But roads in Indian cities, towns and those connecting them have been in a very poor condition. Their development and maintenance have not kept pace with the growth in vehicular population. Consequently, there are accidents, serious injuries and deaths all around. Indian roads are red with human blood. The rate of road accidents and resulting loss in man and material in India is one of the highest.

Provide extra care
The elders guide the children in many ways. They are like trees under which the children rest. They help children learn values and ethics of the family. Many times they assist children in taking correct decisions. Children get encouraged by the elders. The elders play very important role in children’s lives.

1. believe- retrieve
2. high- try

B.1 True or False

1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False

B3: Matching
1. For buying the hundreds of - Hyperbole Electronic gadgets
2. The forest are dying – Personification

A.1 Complete:
1. Gerrard expects to remain in the cottage for about another ten minutes.
2. Gerrard finds the situation very melodramatic.

A2. Gerrad is more realistic whereas the intruder is a melodramatic person. Gerrad is realistic but the intruder likes to live the way he wants.

A3. The intruder wanted to scare Gerrard. In one incident he threatens Gerrard and says I’ll make you crawl. He says he wants to know a few things and asks him to sit down. He asks him not to do the funny business.

Section IV: Writing Skill


No. 31, Rainbow colony,
7G Road,
Mumbai - 400017

Dear Anjana,
I would like to congratulate you on your gold in the 800m race at the Asian Youth Games. Everybody here is proud of you. Your hard work has paid you off. When I came to know about your success, I was absolutely delighted. Many people from around here are happy about your achievement and they have sent you good wishes through various platforms. Many more girls will be encouraged by your win and will also want to make a mark in different sports. I want you to work harder and win Gold in Olympics.

Once again many congratulations. All the best for your future!

Yours affectionately,


No. 31, Rainbow colony,
7G Road,
Mumbai - 400017
25th Jan. 2017

The Controller,
MHRTC, Mumbai-40010

Subject: Requesting Student Concession Respected Sir,

I, ABC, want to avail the concession facility provided by the MHRTC. I am a student of The General English High School. I have to spend a considerable amount of money as I travel to school by MHRTC on a daily basis. This concession will be a real help for my parents as they are daily wage workers.

I have attached the following documents as mentioned in the advertisement.

1. Bonafide certificate
2. Latest photograph
3. Address proof
Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,
B1. Report writing

A School on Footpath

Naranpura, 23 March 2017: Ashish Vyas is a 30-year-old man from Naranpura who is a favourite among some street children near IIM – Ahmedabad. His initiative, called Masti ki Pathshala, is a school for underprivileged children. Every morning, some kids gather around him outside the IIM and after he has greeted them with sweets, class begins. There is no blackboard but just chalk and charcoal, and children seem to love Ashish’s way of teaching.
As the students learn from him in an absolute disciplined and manner, passersby are often seen halting right in their tracks in astonishment and awe. The students answer all the questions asked by him and are generally dressed appropriately. The class usually begins with morning prayers in different languages. Ashish hopes that his relatives and friends join him in this initiative to make education accessible to all and in turn make India a better place.

1. What inspired you to start Masti ki Pathshala?
2. Whose assistance do you take in times of difficulties?
3. How do you manage the financial needs of the school?
4. How did the government respond to your idea?
5. What are the challenges you face while conducting the classes? 6. Where do you Masti ki Pathshala see after 2 years?
7. Why did you choose the place near IIM?
8. How do the students get enrolled?
9. How did the community react to this?
10. What are your future plans?

Q.6. (A)
There was an advertisement on saving wildlife in a daily newspaper. I was wondering, why this has happened? Are we all responsible for it? The situation is not so good and it is getting worse day by day. Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is enough on earth for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed. Population of India has exploded over the past few years. This has added the burden on agricultural land. Trees are being cut indiscriminately for selfish motives and due to this, many animals and birds have lost their habitats. Many species which were important to run different natural cycles are now endangered. In addition to that, some people smuggle animal to different countries for commercial purposes. Deforestation causes forest fires, droughts, and floods. These disasters are man-made, and are capable of destroying civilisations. The government needs to make strict rules t curb indiscriminate hunting of animals. Strict laws should not only be made but properly executed. Check posts should be built in sensitive areas that are prone to illegal poaching activities. Security should be provided to wildlife just as humans are given police protection.

The Need for Cashless Transactions
Ever since the Government of India took the bold move to demonetise Rs 1000 and 500 currency notes, we have often been hearing the word “cashless”. The word ‘cashless’ means to use online transaction mediums to as much as possible. It simply means paying bills and cost of goods by debit or credit cards. People can also use net banking or mobile apps that facilitate online transactions. The Government has also introduced an app for the same purpose. But quite a few people still ask the question, why should one switch to cashless transactions?
There are many benefits of cashless transactions. People can stop carrying cash while buying anything as they can pay through phone-banking. Bills can be auto-debited through your bank accounts by giving standing instructions to your bank. The amount is always deposited in the account of the beneficiary so it becomes easy for the Government to track transactions and reduce corruption. Customers can trace their history of expenses as all of them are digitally recorded. People can also deposit or transfer any amount whenever they want. They need not stand in long queues at the bank or outside to pay their bill payments. This saves a lot of time.

Cashless transactions also help in saving trees as the reduction in cash transactions will lead to less manufacturing of paper and decrease in cutting down of trees.

Thus, as we can see, there are many significant positive effects of cashless transactions. Everybody has to accept the change willingly. The responsibility of the young generation increases here as they have to teach to the elderly people and help them adapt to a cashless lifestyle.

B2. Speech

Respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends, I am going to talk today about cashless transactions. Cashless India is the latest move by the Indian government to encourage the use of technology to handle and monitor cash flow. When people start using e-banking and e-commerce methods to solve their payment issues, the flow of black money will automatically be controlled. The main intention is to make people put all their earnings into the bank and pay their taxes diligently so that the nation’s economy is systematized and does not suffer. This is the most effective way and the fastest method to stop the spread of black money.
Government encourages cashless transaction and as a result, customers can avail the benefits in taxes. The government transfers the amounts directly in the accounts of the beneficiaries resulting in fewer chances of fraudulent transactions. As people shift to cashless transactions, the government will not need to print more currency notes. This will help the government to stop the flow of fake currency and also save trees.

Cashless transaction is the need of the hour, and everybody should adapt to this change at the earliest. Once we take this change in a positive manner, India will move a step forward to be a better nation globally.

Books are our best friends
Man cannot live alone. He needs friends or something he loves the most. Therefore, he likes to live in the company of fellow humans, or animals which he calls pets. There are some who love the company of nature. But there are also those who love the company of books. A book is a map of someone’s life. Every page of a great book is a storehouse of man’s best and noblest thoughts. In a library, you meet all these mighty minds who have lived around the world during different eras. The moment you choose to read a book, you choose to enter the life of the author and dive deep into a world carefully created by them. Books make us laugh and cry with the characters and the lives they lead, and they also teach us values that we would love to preserve and pass on. Books, therefore, are indeed our best friends.

Child Labour- A curse
We often see children below 14 year of age labouring in hotel or on streets. Child labour is a very common practice in India. Many attempts have been made by the government to stop child labour. However, children working as domestic helps, nannies, waiters, and even daily wage workers in a very common sight. This deprives children of education and affects their mental, social and physical development. The government will always be the forerunner in eliminating this curse. But it is also our duty as responsible citizens to report about places that encourage child labour. If you see an adolescent working in a hotel or with a contractor, report it to the authorities immediately. Do not encourage families to get young girls as domestic help and nannies from rural areas. Lend a helping hand in pulling them out of this circle and if you can, help them with their education. These children of today, if better educated, will become the successful and proud professionals and represent the country globally tomorrow. Each one, should therefore, enrich one.

.............That’s how we saved animals during drought time.
When we looked around the forest, we couldn’t see any source of water. It was difficult for the animals to live with no reservoir of water. All my friends decided to rescue them. There were rabbits, deer, monkeys etc. All my friends decided to look around the water resource. After searching for almost a week, we found a waterhole 20 kilometers away from the forest. Now, there was another challenge; bringing the water to the forest. So we took help from the farmers to get the water to the forest. We arranged big pipes and connected them with the motor. We arranged the fuel needed to run the motor. And after a lot of efforts, we filled the lake in the forest. Finally, all our efforts worked very well; when we saw the animals drinking water from the lake, it was an overwhelming experience. We went back to our village content and happy. That’s how we saved animals during the drought time.