HSC English February 2016 SET B Board Paper with solution.

ENGLISH- (01) (12 Pages) Max. Marks : 80


(Reading Skill, Grammar, Vocabulary, Note-making and Summary)

Q. 1. (A) Read the following extract and answer the questions given 15 below: (11 Marks)

Questions :

(1) What did Reuben decide to do to raise the required amount?  (1)

Ans. Reuben decided to collect the empty burlap sacks and then sell them back to to the factory. In this way he would be able to raise the 5 dollars.

(2) How much money did Reuben need? Why? (2)

Ans.  Reuben needed five dollars, to buy something that he saw in a shop window that set his heart racing.  

(3) Why couldn’t Reuben ask his father for the money? (2)

Ans. Reuben’s father was not a rich man. Whatever he made out of fishing went to feed and clothe his five children. So Reuben couldn’t ask his father for the money.   

(4) What is special about the gifts which are given on special occasions? (2)

Ans. I think the main purpose is to show the recipient that you remembered about him/her. It is more than just showing up for the party or saying your wishes on the phone because these happen on the exact date while a gift often needs to be bought in advance. So you have to think of the recipient when buying and when giving the gift. It is also the most traditional way to show someone that you care.

(5) Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed:

(i) Reuben couldn’t ask his father for the money. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘be able to’ ) (1)

Ans. Reuben was not be able to ask his father for the money.

(ii) Hearing the sound of hammering from a side street. Reuben had an idea. [Rewrite the sentence using ‘and’] (1)

Ans. Reuben heard the sound of hammering from a side street and had an idea.

(iii) He could sell them back to the factory. [Rewrite the sentence beginning with : “They .....]  (1)

Ans. They could be sold back to the factory by him.

(6) Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’.

Column ‘A’
Column ‘B’
(i) Folk
(a) natural harbour
(ii) bay
(b) sticks

(c) people


Column ‘A’
Column ‘B’
(i) Folk
(c) people
(ii) bay
(a) natural harbour

(B) Grammar: Do as directed: (4)

(i)Rewrite the following sentence by inserting the appropriate articles wherever necessary :
I read interesting story from Mahabharata. (1)

Ans. I read an interesting story from the Mahabharata.

(ii) Rewrite the following sentence using the appropriate prepositions :

One of the things that distinguishes man....... other animals is the power........... speech. (1)

Ans. One of the things that distinguishes man from other animals is the power of speech.

(iii) Change the following into indirect speech:

Mother said, “Sunita, what did you buy from the market?” She said, “I bought a dictionary.”

Ans. Mother asked Sunita what she had bought from the market. Sunita replied that she had bought a dictionary.