Q. 6. B. Write on any ONE of the following items as directed:

(1) Write a short tourist leaflet on a place of historical importance with the help of the following points:  [Click here for Answer]

(i) How to reach there?
(ii) Where to Stay?
(iii) Historical importance of the place.
(iv) Shopping Attraction.
(v) Add your own points.


(2) Read the following headlines of news items. Choose any ONE of them and write the dateline, intro and a short continuing paragraph:

(i) 4 killed, 20 injured in a road mishap.
(ii) Auto - rickshaw drivers on strike.

Ans. 4 killed, 20 injured in a road mishap.
By a Staff Reporter
Mumbai, March 7

Four members of a family, including two women, were killed on the spot and 20 other people were injured, when their tractor trolley was hit by an unidentified truck at Mumbai - Pune highway, police said.

The victims were returning to Mumbai after attending a family function at Pune when the incident occurred last night. The deceased were identified. 20 others were injured in the accident. All were rushed to a nearby hospital where the 4 were declared dead on arrival and the injured are being treated. 5 of them are in intensive case and very critical. The others had minor injuries.

Ans. Auto - Rickshaw drivers on Strike.
By a Staff Reporter
Mumbai, March 7

The auto - rickshaw drivers association has called for an All - Mumbai strike on 12th March, 2017 to protest against the recent hike in petrol, diesel and gas prices. They also protest against the take over by Multinational Companies in the transport sector.

The Union Leader, Mr. Amin claims that the hike in prices with no hike in auto - rickshaw fare is not right. Auto - rickshaw drivers will therefore take their vehicles off the road till the government takes note of their proposal.

Q6. C. Write any one of the following items. [4 Marks]

(1) Read the following tabular data and write a short paragraph regarding ‘The vacant seats in the Engineering and Pharmacy college’ :

Intake capacity
Vacant seats

1, 55, 102
42, 497
1, 65, 413
55, 107
Post - graduation
13, 651
1, 810

9, 712
12, 959
1, 771
Post - graduation
5, 296
3, 506

Ans. ‘The vacant seats in the Engineering and Pharmacy college’

Engineering colleges have degree, diploma and Post  graduation courses. The table shows that out of total 1, 55, 102 seats in the Degree course, 42, 497 remain vacant. In the Diploma course, 55, 107 seats out of 1, 65, 413 remain vacant and in the post graduation course out of total 13, 651 seats only 1810 are vacant. Pharmacy colleges also have degree, diploma and post graduation course. The number of vacant seats here are much less 924 out of 9, 712 in the degree course are vacant. 1771 seats out of a total of 12959 on the diploma course are vacant. Finally in the post graduation course a large number of seats are vacant 3506 out of 5296.

(2) Write short paragraph in about 120 words to be used for the Counter - View section on the following topic:

“Science and Technology development have helped us in all walks of life”.

You may take help of the following points from the View section.

Science and technology development are not at all useful for mankind. It has made life so discomfort that nobody has some time to think about themselves. Man was quite contented with life before the development of science and technology. Agricultural production increased with the decline in quality of goods. Life being lengthened along with various diseases. World is brought closer through various safer and faster communication and transport systems but nobody has some time to spend with their own family members. Modes of entertainment has increased tremendously but the physical activities have been decreased to a lot.